Scholarship Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester - August 1st
  • Winter Semester - December 1st
  • Spring Term - April 1st
  • Summer Term - June 1st

The BYU FlexGE Scholarship is a need-based award that helps FlexGE students succeed by making school more affordable.  The award amount is based on a percentage of the number of credits with the typical award level at about 1/3 of the cost of tuition.  All FlexGE students are encouraged to apply.  

The scholarship committee meets shortly after each application deadline. Scholarship award notifications will be sent by email and will include instructions on how to obtain scholarship funds. Please be aware that scholarship awards are not disbursed until after the final tuition payment deadline. Many FlexGE students apply for a BYU Short-Term Loan to bridge the gap. If you have further questions regarding scholarships, please call 801-422-4605. 

Scholarship Criteria

  FlexGE® Award Continuing Education Award
Priority given based on – Financial need
– Full-time enrollment (12+ credits) 
– Financial need
– Undergraduate enrollment status
Minimum GPA First time applying for award—No minimum incoming GPA requirement

Additional semesters—2.50 GPA (BYU credits)

Minimum enrollment Minimum 3/4-time (9+ credits) required for fall and winter semesters

4.5 credits for Spring and Summer terms

Minimum 2 credits
Maximum credits 60 completed credits on award application deadline None
Student status Non-matriculated undergraduate Non-matriculated undergraduate or post-baccalaureate
Duration One semester

Must re-apply for additional semesters


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