BYU FlexGE Student Success Checklist

We are thrilled you are joining us in BYU FlexGE! This checklist will guide you through your experience as a FlexGE student and in applying to transfer to BYU or elsewhere. Read through and explore each item to lay your groundwork for success!

Start Here

Complete Two Application Items

Once you decide to enroll in BYU FlexGE, the enrollment process is simple!

Please keep in mind that you must be a high school graduate (or equivalent) with at least a 2.0 GPA, and you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 17 years old by the first day of class.

You will also need a BYU account.  If you are a parent acting on behalf of your child, you will need Guest Access.  

All set there? Then complete these two application steps:

Ecclesiastical Endorsement        FlexGE Application

After these items are both completed, you will receive an emailed status notification within 3 business days. Although you can apply to the FlexGE program until a week before classes start, we recommend you do it before class registration begins.  If you already completed an Ecclesiastical Endorsement when applying to BYU, it may still be valid.  Please make sure you are aware of upcoming academic dates and deadlines.

Watch for Important Messages

YMessage is a secure communication portal used for important notifications about your admission, registration, scholarships, financial account, and so on. At any time, you may log in to YMessage to check for new items or send a message regarding any of the topics above. YMessage will notify you via e-mail (through the email you provided in your BYU account) if there are new items you have not yet opened.


Complete the BYU FlexGE Orientation

After you receive notification of enrollment, please go through the 90-minute interactive orientation to kick-start your BYU FlexGE success. We strongly recommend that you complete this orientation before you register for classes.

FlexGE® Orientation

Get Connected

We will keep you posted on important dates, information, and college success tips with a biweekly emailed newsletter. It is automatically sent to all FlexGE students, but parents are welcome to sign up as well!  In the FlexGE Facebook group students and parents can ask questions, offer insight, find roommates, etc.

BYU FlexGE Newsletter Sign-up         BYU FlexGE Facebook Group

Prepare for Classes

Find Housing

Starting Fall 2022, BYU will require all admitted freshmen and transfer students to live either on-campus or in BYU contracted off-campus housing for their first two semesters.  Although they are not admitted to BYU, FlexGE students can count semesters living in either of those options toward their required two semesters if they are later admitted to BYU. Please be aware that FlexGE students are not eligible to live in BYU On-Campus Housing during Fall and Winter semesters. As a FlexGE student, you are also welcome to live at home or in community housing.

Off-Campus Housing

Submit All Earned College Credits

If you plan to apply to BYU as a transfer applicant, submit your AP Credits, concurrent enrollment, and other college or university transcripts to BYU. This can help you quickly see which BYU requirements they will cover and which ones you need to work on.

Transcript Submission

Check Concurrent Enrollment and Other College Credit Equivalencies

Review BYU GE and Major Requirements

The academic catalog is the definitive guide to BYU’s General Education requirements as well as requirements for individual majors and minors. See also our page listing GE classes available to FlexGE students in Fall and Winter semesters. The Major Academic Plans (MAPs) give a suggested sequence of what courses to take each semester for your desired major.

If you plan to transfer to another university, make sure you review the other school’s requirements and verify that your FlexGE class credits will transfer toward equivalent GE requirements there.

Academic Catalog         Major Academic Plans

See Utah Valley University’s GE requirements

Check Utah Valley University’s transfer equivalencies

Meet With a FlexGE Academic Advisor

A FlexGE Academic Advisor can help you accomplish your academic, career, and life goals. Get help navigating the FlexGE program and get on the right track to discover a major and career path that is right for you. Advisors can also guide your efforts to transfer to BYU or another university.

Make an Appointment

Complete the Financial Responsibility Declaration

Before you can register for classes, you must accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees, and associated costs while you are enrolled at BYU. Once you agree to the declaration, that hold will be removed from your account.

Financial Responsibility Declaration

Register for Classes

FlexGE students use BYU’s MyMAP system to register for courses. Be sure to put courses in your Registration Cart and check out by 6:00 p.m. the day before your assigned registration window opens. In Fall and Winter semesters, FlexGE students are eligible to take classes with the EVENING or SALT LAKE section type in addition to BYU Independent Study classes. During Spring and Summer terms, FlexGE students may take day classes on campus in Provo as well as Salt Lake, Evening, and Independent Study classes. A few recommended courses for new FlexGE students:

  • WRTG 150: Writing and Rhetoric
  • STDEV 109: Effective Study and Learning
  • STDEV 117: Career Exploration

Two challenging courses that most FlexGE students should delay until they are admitted to BYU:

  • A HTG 100: American Heritage
  • ECON 110: Economic Principles and Problems

BYU MyMAP         BYU Independent Study

Apply for a FlexGE Scholarship

Because FlexGE is not a degree-seeking program, FlexGE students do not qualify for federal financial aid. Instead, they are encouraged to (re)apply each semester for a FlexGE Student Scholarship. Please be aware that scholarship awards are not disbursed until after the final tuition payment deadline. Many FlexGE students apply for a BYU Short-Term Loan to bridge the gap.

FlexGE Scholarship Application         BYU Short-Term Loan

One Month Before

Health Insurance

BYU FlexGE students enrolled at least 3/4 time (9 credit hours per semester or 4.5 credit hours per term) are required to have health insurance. You will be automatically enrolled and charged for the BYU Student Health Plan unless you provide proof of health insurance by the add/drop deadline. You can provide proof of health insurance and waive the BYU Student Health Plan in My Financial Center.

My Financial Center


Tuition for Salt Lake Center and Evening Classes is due seven calendar days before the start of each semester or term. If tuition is not paid when it is due, a hold will be placed on your registration until it is paid. If your tuition is not paid by the add/drop deadline, all classes will be dropped. Log into My Financial Center to pay tuition charges. Tuition for Independent Study classes must be paid when you enroll in the class.

My Financial Center

Finding Your Way Around

BYU Student ID Card

The BYU ID card is your official university identification. It is used to access Cougar Cash and meal plan accounts. It is also used for door access and other campus services, including the parking facilities at the BYU Salt Lake Center. It also serves as a free pass for all Utah Transit Authority (UTA) transportation.

You can pick up your ID card in Provo at the ID Center in 1057 Wilkinson Student Center (WSC) after you submit a photo online. You can also pick up your ID at the Salt Lake Center library, where they will take your photo instead.

Submit an ID Photo

Transportation and Parking

FlexGE students are eligible to park on Provo campus in free or paid student parking lots. Vehicles must be registered with Parking Services. You can also park for free in the Salt Lake Center parking garage with your BYU ID. The Salt Lake Center parking garage is located 50 North 400 West, across the street from the Hyatt Place Hotel (but do not park in the open parking lot).

Your BYU ID card contains a transportation chip for free use of the UTA public transportation system. This includes all buses, TRAX light rail, and FrontRunner trains. Many students ride the UVX bus and the FrontRunner train to get to the BYU Salt Lake Center. A TRAX line also provides a connection to the Salt Lake City airport. Students have several options for transportation at BYU.

Register Your Vehicle


You can sign up for an in-person or virtual tour of the Provo campus Monday through Friday. You can also arrange for a tour of the BYU Salt Lake Center by calling 801-933-9400.

Schedule a Tour

Campus Resources

Most campus resources that regular BYU students enjoy are also available to FlexGE students. There are a few exceptions, usually when resources are limited.

FlexGE Resources

Academic Success

Learning Accommodations

The University Accessibility Center (UAC) seeks to connect students to accessibility-related resources that mitigate barriers and facilitate access to all opportunities at BYU. If you suspect you have learning challenges or were offered accommodations in high school, set an appointment with the Accessibility Center to arrange for resources to help you succeed.

Visit the Accessibility Center

Tech and Free Software

Learn how to print on campus, install free software, connect to campus Wi-Fi, rent a laptop, use the BYU Mobile App, and more! At the heart of each of these services is BYU IT. From 24/7 tech support to help downloading programs, BYU IT is the ultimate resource.

Find Technology Resources

Learning Suite and Canvas

Your instructors will use either Learning Suite or Canvas for assignments, slides, notes, and so on. Be sure to check both platforms to find information for all your classes. It can be easy to fall behind if this is neglected. It’s also a good idea to make sure your current email address is listed and turn on notifications.

Learning Suite         Canvas

Academic Resources

Need help with your classes? FlexGE students have access to free academic resources at BYU!

FlexGE Tutors         Volunteer Campus Tutors

Teaching Assistant Labs         Research & Writing Center

Know When to Withdraw

BYU is a rigorous learning environment and can be very challenging. Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may negatively impact students’ grades. If this happens to you, consider withdrawing from a class and taking a “W” grade. A withdrawal will not affect your GPA. You can withdraw from a class in MyMAP before the withdrawal deadline. Check with a FlexGE advisor if you have questions.

MyMAP         Make an Advisor Appointment

Transferring to BYU

Deadlines and Requirements

BYU has three application deadlines each year for transfer applicants:

  • Apply by the beginning of June to be admitted in Fall Semester.
  • Apply by the beginning of August to be admitted in Winter Semester.
  • Apply by mid-December to be admitted in Spring or Summer Term.

You qualify as a transfer applicant as soon as you have completed any credits after high school.  However, you need at least 24 graded credits to apply to BYU without high school records. Most students can complete 24 credits in two semesters. When you apply, you do not need to send your transcript; your FlexGE credits are already at BYU.

Start Your Application

Develop Yourself

All applications to BYU go through a holistic review, meaning grades are not the only aspect considered. Participating in extracurricular activities is a good way to become a better fit for BYU. For example, you might consider joining a club or academic association at BYU related to your major and career goals. BYU also offers many volunteer opportunities through Y Serve. We especially encourage you to be a member of the FlexGE Student Council: Stop, Serve, Connect.  Remember to write about your experiences in your application essays!

BYU Clubs & Associations         Y Serve         Stop, Serve Connect

Write Your Essays

Application essays are an essential, pivotal part of your application to BYU. Your essays should demonstrate how you embrace the Aims of a BYU Education. Rather than just a list of accomplishments, your essays should show how your experiences have made you the person you are today.  Before submitting your essays, feel free to have them reviewed by the BYU Research & Writing Center.

Application Essay Tips         Research & Writing Center


A transfer application to BYU requires one recommendation from a person of your choosing (not a relative).  Be sure to choose someone who is familiar with you and your recent work such as a professor or supervisor.  Contact them in advance and to ask if they are willing to recommend you.  It’s a good idea to share information with them like a resume or “brag sheet” that will help them know what to write.  

Recommendation Tips        

Transferring to Another University

BYU FlexGE credits are transferable, meaning you can take them to another university and finish your degree there. After BYU, the top 6 transfer universities for FlexGE students are Utah Valley University, BYU–Idaho, Salt Lake Community College, Weber State University, and the University of Utah.

Check Residency Requirements

If you are not a Utah resident and want to study at a Utah college or university other than BYU or Ensign College, establishing Utah residency while you take FlexGE classes can help you avoid paying out-of-state tuition. Be aware of specific residency proof required by your potential school(s).

UVU Residency         SLCC Residency

WSU Residency         U of U Residency

Send Your BYU Transcript

When applying to other schools, you will order your BYU transcript online or by phone and have it sent to the college or university of your choice. It will include all your completed FlexGE course credits and grades but will not indicate that you were a FlexGE student.

Order Your Transcript

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