Register for Classes

Please be aware that during fall and winter semesters FlexGE students are only eligible to take classes that are labeled "Evening" or "Salt Lake" in the registration system.  

MyMAP Registration System

Priority Registration Dates

FlexGE students are eligible to register for classes on the same day as incoming freshmen.  

Semester/Term Registration Cart Opens Class Registration Begins First Day of Classes
Summer 2024 MAR 1, 2024 MAR 1, 2024 JUN 24, 2024
Fall 2024 APR 1, 2024 JUN 7, 2024 SEP 4, 2024
Winter 2025 AUG 1, 2024 OCT 25, 2024 JAN 8, 2025
Spring 2025 DEC 1, 2024 MAR 1, 2025 APR, 29, 2025

Holds, Endorsement, & Honor Code Commitment

Holds, expired ecclesiastical endorsements, and expired honor code commitments will block your ability to register for classes.  They appear at the top of the registration screen in MyMAP and are hyperlinked to information about how to resolve them.  We recommend resolving these issues as early as possible, to prevent last-minute registration delays. 

Adding Classes

To add classes that fulfill general education requirements, click the GE tab in MyMAP and select classes using the dropdown menus.  Religion requirements and classes can be found on the REL tab.  You can also search for classes using the Add Course button.  We recommend you use the resources on the Class Planning page to help you choose classes. 

Registration Cart

Get a jump on registration with this optional MyMAP feature. Classes that are in your registration cart will be processed the evening before registration begins.


Waitlists allow you to be placed in a queue for a class that is full. There is no guarantee that you will be added to the class, but a general rule of thumb is if there are less than 5 people in front of you for a class with 30 seats, you have a pretty good chance of being added.  If you are still on the waitlist on the first day of class, it's a good idea to attend the class and talk to the instructor after class about your waitlist status.  

Term 1 and 2 Classes

These classes are condensed into the first or second half of a semester.  We recommend caution when considering a term 1 or 2 class as they can make your semester workload imbalanced. 

Permission-to-Add Codes

Permission-to-Add Codes (PTACs) are used to screen students who are allowed to register for a class. Codes must be obtained from the instructor.