Admitted BYU Students

For their first two semesters, all single students admitted to BYU (including transfer students) must live in one of three options:

  1. BYU on-campus housing (dorms)
  2. BYU contracted off-campus housing
  3. with qualifying family members (parent, grandparent, married uncle or aunt, or married sibling)

BYU FlexGE Students

Although not required, we recommend that FlexGE students live in one of the three options above. Students who are later admitted to BYU can count time living in one of these options toward their required two semesters.  

Fall and Winter Semesters

BYU FlexGE students are not eligible to live in on-campus housing during fall and winter semesters but are welcome to live in BYU off-campus contracted housing. Please be aware that some housing complexes that were contracted with BYU in the past are no longer contracted housing.

Contracted Housing List

Spring and Summer Terms

During spring and summer terms BYU FlexGE students are welcome to live in on-campus housing, including Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, and the Riviera.  To be eligible, you must take at least 4 credits per term.  

On-Campus Housing

Meal Plans

Meal Plans are quick and easy, and include dining locations all over campus. Most meal plans give you various amounts of dining dollars and can be used at all dining locations. Other meal plans allow students entrance to the Cannon Center, a buffet experience. If you live in Helaman Halls during spring or summer terms, you will be required to purchase a meal plan.

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YSA Wards

Being involved in a Young Single Adult (YSA) ward is one of the most rewarding parts of BYU life. There are opportunities to meet incredible people, serve in a calling, and minister to your fellow ward members. Your bishopric will contact you at the beginning of the semester to welcome you to your new ward.