Class Planning

Available Classes

FlexGE students are eligible to take the following class types:

  Fall & Winter
Spring & Summer
Evening Classes Yes Yes
Salt Lake Center classes (day and evening) Yes Yes
Day classes on Provo campus No Yes

You can browse the Class Schedule to see what classes are offered each semester. Use the advanced search filter “Section Type” to see only evening or Salt Lake classes.

Class Schedule

Instruction Modes

FlexGE students can take classes offered in any of the four instruction modes at BYU, provided the classes are also an eligible class type (see above).


Classes will be taught in-person, on campus on the days and hours listed in the Class Schedule. 


Classes will be a mixture of in-person, campus instruction & online components. Students should be available on the days and hours listed in the Class Schedule.

Live Remote Delivery

Classes will be conducted entirely in LIVE (synchronous), online sessions (using Zoom or similar tools) on the days and hours listed in the Class Schedule. Students will not attend class on campus.

On-Demand Remote Delivery

Classes will be conducted entirely online using ON-DEMAND (asynchronous) digital course materials, such as video lectures. Students will not attend class on campus.

Recommended Classes

FlexGE students are encouraged to take a full credit load (about 12-14 credits per semester in fall and winter or 6-7 credits per term in spring and summer). Here are some highly recommended courses for new FlexGE students:

A Cornerstone Religion course (REL C 200, REL C 225, REL A 250, REL A 275)

These classes are required for BYU students and can be taken in any order. Students are recommended to take one religion class per semester.

WRTG 150 Writing and Rhetoric

This is a required class for BYU students and is recommended for students to take in their first or second semester. This class teaches students to write effective papers for university classes.

STDEV 109: Effective Study and Learning

This is an elective class. Students who take this class learn tips and tricks to get better grades while spending less time studying.

STDEV 117: Career Exploration

This is an elective class and is recommended for students who are unsure what major to choose. Students learn to connect interests and skills to majors and careers.

Major Academic Plans

Students who plan to transfer to BYU can use the academic plan for their desired major to see recommended courses to take each semester. Major academic plans also show recommended general education (GE) courses. Be aware that some courses may not be available to FlexGE students.

Major Academic Plans

General Education Classes

FlexGE students are encouraged to take classes that fulfill BYU general education requirements.  A complete list of classes that will fulfill GE requirements can be found in the academic catalog.  Please be aware that some classes may not be available to FlexGE students. 

General Education

Transfer and AP Credit

If you have transfer, AP, or concurrent enrollment credit, you can request the school or organization from which you earned it to send the credit to BYU. Once processed, your credit will appear in the MyMAP registration system and indicate the requirements it will fulfill. If your transfer credit does not yet appear in MyMAP, you can check individual transfer classes on the Transfer Equivalency Search.  AP credits can be checked on the AP Exam Guide.  

Transfer Equivalency Search  AP Exam Guide

Classes to Be Cautious About

If you plan to apply to BYU, you should strive to maintain a good GPA to be a good candidate for admission. Here are some challenging courses that students should take with careful consideration or postpone until admission to BYU:

  • A HTG 100: American Heritage
  • ACC 200: Principles of Accounting
  • CHEM 101: Introductory General Chemistry
  • CHEM 105: General College Chemistry
  • ECON 110: Economic Principles and Problems
  • MATH 110: College Algebra
  • MATH 112: Calculus 1
  • STAT 121: Principles of Statistics