Become a Good Fit for BYU

Academic Preparation

BYU is academically rigorous and seeks to admit students who can be successful in their studies.  The middle 50% of admitted transfer applicants typically have GPA’s between 3.6 and 3.9.  Students with GPA's below 3.0 are not likely to be admitted to BYU.

Entrance Stats

Develop Yourself

Although grades are important, they are not the only thing BYU looks for in applicants. We recommend you seek out and participate in activities during your time as a FlexGE student that will help you become a good fit for BYU. Writing about these experiences in the BYU admissions application essays can help you demonstrate your commitment to the Aims of a BYU Education.

What We Look For

BYU Clubs and Associations

Consider joining a club or academic association at BYU related to your career goals or interests. Participate in the meetings and activities and then write about your experiences when you apply to BYU.

Clubs and Associations

Service to Others

Cultivating a lifelong desire to serve others is an important part of becoming a good fit for BYU. The Y-Serve program has many volunteer opportunities for students at BYU. Be sure to share your experiences in your BYU application essays.


Leadership Opportunities

Student leadership positions at BYU are reserved for admitted BYU students. One way FlexGE students can further develop their leadership abilities is by joining the FlexGE student council. You can help plan and organize activities and service opportunities for FlexGE students. Write in your BYU application essays about your experience.

FlexGE Student Council