Apply to BYU

When Should I Apply?

BYU has three application deadlines each year for transfer applicants:

  • Apply by June 1 to be admitted in fall semester.
  • Apply by August 1 to be admitted in winter semester.
  • Apply by December 15 to be admitted in spring and summer terms.

You qualify as a transfer applicant as soon as you have enrolled in any university classes after graduating from high school. If you want to avoid submitting your high school transcript, you will need to have at least 24 graded credits completed. But you can apply as a transfer applicant before reaching 24 credits.

BYU does not penalize applicants for applying more than once, so it doesn’t hurt to apply at every opportunity.

Start Your Application

Write Your Essays

Application essays are a key part of your application to BYU. Your essays should demonstrate how you embrace the Aims of a BYU Education. Rather than just a list of accomplishments, your essays should show how your experiences have prepared you to contribute to the BYU community and the world. Before submitting your essays, we recommend you have them reviewed by the BYU Research & Writing Center.

Application Essay Tips Research & Writing Center


A transfer application to BYU requires one recommendation from a person of your choosing (not a relative). Be sure to choose someone familiar with you and your recent work such as a professor or supervisor. Contact them in advance and ask if they are willing to recommend you. It’s a good idea to share information with them like a resume or "brag sheet" to help them know what to write.

Recommendation Tips