Academic Success

Student Success Center

As a FlexGE student you have free access to the BYU Student Success Center. Services include trained tutors, academic skills coaching, peer mentors, and workshops in topics like time management, study skills, and test preparation.

Student Success Center

Academic Resources

BYU has multiple resources to help you succeed academically. Take advantage of these early and often to get the greatest benefit.

Teaching Assistant Labs Research & Writing Center Y-Serve Tutors

Learning Accommodations

The University Accessibility Center (UAC) seeks to connect students to accessibility-related resources that mitigate barriers and facilitate access to all opportunities at BYU. If you suspect you have learning challenges or had accommodations in high school, set an appointment with the Accessibility Center to arrange for resources to help you succeed.

University Accessibility Center

Canvas and Learning Suite

Your instructors will use either Canvas or Learning Suite for assignments, slides, notes, and so on. Be sure to check both platforms to find information for all your classes. It can be easy to fall behind if this is neglected. It’s also a good idea to make sure your current email address is listed and to turn on notifications.

Canvas Learning Suite

Tech and Free Software

Learn how to print on campus, install free software, connect to campus Wi-Fi, rent a laptop, use the BYU Mobile app, and more!

Technology Resources

Know When to Withdraw

BYU is a rigorous learning environment and can be very challenging. Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may negatively impact students’ grades. If this happens to you, consider withdrawing from a class. This will give you a “W” grade for the class. A withdrawal will not affect your GPA. You can withdraw from a class in MyMAP before the withdrawal deadline. Check with a FlexGE advisor if you have questions.

MyMap Impacts of Withdrawing